Max Keiser: Warren Buffett is coming out of USD, Bitcoin heading towards new highs

The U.S. dollar will become so weak that even Warren Buffett is abandoning it, and Bitcoin (BTC) will reach new historical highs: this is the opinion of Max Keiser, Wall Street veteran and presenter of the TV show on the finance Keiser Report.

In his latest forecast, Keiser said that the shelter assets will perform far better than traditional money: Buffett, emphasized Keiser, knows exactly what will happen to the dollar.

Keizer: Buffett „is coming out of the USD“.

In particular, Keiser has recently written on Twitter:

„Buffett’s move to Japan, along with his investment in gold, confirms that he’s coming out of the USD.

Today the USD is tending to fall, it is about to break a key support. Bitcoin, gold and silver will reach new historical highs in the short term“.

Keiser referred to Berkshire Hathaway’s acquisition of a 5% stake in five major Japanese companies: a move, reports the $6 billion information portal Reuters.

Buffett commented on his latest investment:

„The five major trading companies have many joint ventures around the world, and this number is likely to increase. I hope that there will be opportunities for mutual benefit in the future“.

A few days earlier, the Federal Reserve had confirmed that it would temporarily raise dollar inflation above its target of 2%: an announcement that caused the value of the US currency to plummet.

The USD Currency Index (DXY) has in fact fallen significantly, reaching the lowest levels in the last two years. At the end of July, when the dollar had recorded a similar contraction, the price of Bitcoin had soaring to $12,500.

Experts predict that further falls in DXY will have similar effects on the price of BTC.

Will the US stock market collapse?

However, Buffett remains highly skeptical of Bitcoin: in 2018 he declared that cryptocurrency will come to a „bad end“, calling BTC „a rat poison in every respect“.

Last week, the so-called „Buffett Indicator“ signaled an imminent collapse of the U.S. market, despite the fact that the value of large capitalization shares continues to rise.

However, Anthony Pompliano, co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital, is certain that Buffett will eventually buy Bitcoin Cycle after his decision to invest in gold. Max Keiser also shares the opinion that this news will bring BTC/USD to $50,000.